Dream Ride 2020

The ride is a sanctioned event of the 400th-anniversary commemoration being held in Plymouth, MA which will give the ride broad media coverage. In addition to recognizing the 400th anniversary of Plymouth, an accurate depiction of the Indigenous peoples' story is incorporated in the commemoration.  Dreamride 2020 will begin at the steps of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA and travel 400 miles northeast to Plymouth, MA,  ending as part of Plymouth's July 4th parade in 2020.  The trek is a reverse timeline from Independence Hall (1776), the birthplace of the United States, to Plymouth (1620), "America's Hometown."  Fifteen to twenty riders will travel via Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, New York City and Long Island, southeastern Connecticut, Providence, RI and southeastern Massachusetts to celebrate the history of our nation with stops at historical sites, meetings with various Mayflower descendants and Native American tribes along the way; and of course, celebrating with the children of today's America.

Dreamride 2020 is in the process of recruiting sponsors to assist in defraying the costs for the riders and your assistance is greatly appreciated. Sponsorship for Dreamride 2020 can be made in a variety of ways including sponsoring a rider, sponsoring a meal or providing supplies/resources needed for this endeavor. 

We are preparing for the 3rd Dreamride event, Dreamride 2020, similar to other community based opportunities focused on raising funds and awareness of wellness and educational issues, we will need the support of many to make this opportunity another great success.  Dreamride 2020 is a sanctioned event of the Plymouth 400th and the Dreamride Plymouth Incorporated (DPI) team is determined to raise the funds to supports the ride and to support education and the benefits of living with a health mindset within the community of Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Our main focus is our local community but we believe our mission can be promoted nationally.  We hope you will join many others in supporting our ride, helping us cover expenses and promote the goals of  DPI. 

During our last two rides we inspired children from DC to Plymouth, Massachusetts to set goals and begin to think about how to reach them, to understand the importance of education, and how a healthy lifestyle benefits them today and into the future.  Through Dream Ride 2020 we will continue to spread this message as well as to highlight the 400th Anniversary of Plymouth.


Marc Garrett, President

Kim Harnais, Treasurer

Dennis Begley, Clerk

Michelle Badger, Director

Sergio Harnais, Director

AJ Maestas, Director

Gary Maestas, Director

Pedal Power Sponsors

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