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Dreamride was born in 2011, when then Superintendent of Plymouth Public Schools (MA) Gary Maestas sought to challenge the district’s students through action. The action - a 600-mile cycling trip from Washington, D.C. to Plymouth, MA - laid the foundation for what later became Dreamride Plymouth Incorporated (DPI).

Multiple D.C. to MA cycling events later, the core Dreamride team set out to establish a consistent community presence and expand the scope of our impact. In 2019, Dreamride was established as a nonprofit organization based in Plymouth, MA. Our board of directors is a dynamic group of community leaders - educators, coaches, executives, and social entrepreneurs - united by a common purpose of health, learning, and action. 

Our mission is to help children build healthy habits and instill a passion for lifelong learning. We strive to create opportunities for all children to achieve health & wellness of all kinds - physical, mental, emotional, social, and more. We believe in children, and we see it as our purpose to help them believe in themselves and their dreams. However, we have seen and experienced firsthand that access to possibility is not created equally. It is our responsibility to break down these walls and open doors so that all children can dream without restraint and be equipped with the tools to pursue those dreams.

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