Dreamride Plymouth Incorporated (DPI) is a nonprofit organization created primarily to inspire
at-risk children to stand up and take full advantage of educational and community-based
opportunities that can motivate them to achieve their life goals.

The DreamRide concept was created by Dr. Gary Maestas in 2011, which inspired a team of
youth-centric stakeholders to create DPI in 2019. DPI is driven to motivate children and young
adults through the use of events that are designed to inspire them to set goals and begin to
think about how to achieve them, understand the importance of education, and how a healthy
lifestyle will benefit them today and into the future.

The DreamRide concept engaged youth through bike rides that became the impetus to spread
the message that education and healthy lifestyles are instrumental to individual success. Aside
from engaging with children and community-based organization staff at designated stops, the
children are challenged to participate in an essay contest describing their dreams and how they
plan to achieve them. Those participating are entered for a chance to win items donated by our
sponsors. All participants receive a packet from Dr. Maestas that reinforces the Dreamride

DPI is motivated to engage youth in a variety of opportunities that broaden their horizons and
provide opportunities to challenge their thought. The fundraising efforts and monetary benefits
realized are intended to create opportunities and possible funding pathways to engage youth to
motivate goal setting and prepare students to face life’s challenges with skills that allow them to

See our gallery for pictures and more information about our successful 2011 and 2016 600-mile
Dreamrides from Washington D.C. to Plymouth MA with exciting, high energy stops at
elementary schools and YMCA’s all along the way.